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The Gift Of Giving… The Generosity of Giving

Over 50,000 Individuals and families supported by The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust since 2002. The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust video can also be viewed online on YouTube at Video

The Gift Of A Helping Hand Human Services Program addresses hunger, homelessness, and domestic violence in southeastern Michigan. We will serve hot meals to seniors and homeless individuals three days per week, give out food boxes two days per week, and provide shelter for women who are domestic violence survivors.

The Gift Of A Helping Hand Technology Training and Financial Educational Training Program began to emerge as a strategy for promoting the social and economic well-being of domestic violence survivors and economically disadvantaged individuals with the opportunities to be able to save and accumulate assets. The program will assist these individuals in setting goals and motivation to achieve goals, which will promote more self-confidence and self-esteem, and a greater future orientation and hope.

Our program supports our mission in helping individuals in becoming self-sufficiency. The needs that we address is illiteracy, poverty and homeless. Our goal is to help eliminate poverty, illiteracy and homelessness through educational training. Our training program is help economically disadvantaged individuals to improve the quality of their life in seeking career advancement, job training, asset building, financial educational training and efficiency educational skills that will put them on the road to a more healthy and success lifestyle.

Our program will meet the needs of individuals seeking a better career opportunity, assets building, home ownership, savings, financial educational training and job training, while addressing poverty, illiteracy and homelessness in distressed communities. Our program will meet the needs of individuals, who goals are in becoming self-sufficiency and self-reliant through our training course of financial stability, and the learning of technology in a world of high technology.

Our 2015 Food Collection Drive is accepting perishable and non-perishable food items to distribute food boxes to the needy in southeastern Michigan. Our food collection drive is also accepting monetary donations.

The Gift of a Helping Hand Feed the Hungry Program is seeking partners to donate food commodities and monetary donations to help us purchase food to provide hot meals to the seniors and homeless individuals three days out of the week.

The Gift Of A Helping Hand Transitional Housing Program will provide shelter for 4 to 8 women, who are domestic violence survivors. Our program will also refer these individuals to support groups, job training programs and educational training programs that will help them to become self-sufficiency.


The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust was founded on January 10, 2002. The organization was formed to serve the needy, underprivileged, domestic violence victims, veterans, underserved, victims of child abuse, economically disadvantaged, discriminated, and poverty-stricken families and individuals residing in distressed communities in southeastern Michigan. Purpose

The purpose of The Gift Of A Helping Hand Charitable Trust is to serve the underprivileged, domestic violence victims, veterans, underserved, child abuse victims, economically disadvantaged, poverty-stricken and lowincome families and individuals in metropolitan Detroit, Michigan and other cities in Wayne County with support, assistance, and resources in which our programs, services, and activities offers on a day to day basis. Mission statement

Our mission is to provide safe housing for Veterans, Domestic Violence Survivors and their children. In addition, we provide technology and financial educational training computer classes for economically disadvantaged individuals in helping them to become self-sufficiency and learn the skills for career advancement. We provide basic needs to thousands of families and individuals requesting our assistance during these challenging times. Visions


Cristina Foundation – Provides computer technology and solutions to give people with disabilities, students at risk, and economically disadvantage individuals the opportunity to lend more independent and Productive lives through training.

HAND – Continuum of Care for the cities of Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park Michigan. Ending homelessness one step at a time.

United Way Community of Southeastern Michigan – United Way provides options that give second chances to individuals, families, and neighborhoods by supporting and developing innovation programs focused on strengthening families, nurturing children and youths, promoting health, and wellness, and empowering neighborhoods and communities. – Bridging the digital divided since 1995 through education and through providing used computer equipment to individuals and organizations in need.

Acorn - ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, is the nation’s largest community organization of low and moderate-income families, with over 150,000 member families organized into 700 neighborhood chapters in 51 cities across the country. Since 1970 ACORN has taken action and won victories on issues of concern to our members. Our priorities include better housing for first time homebuyers and tenants, living wages for low-wage workers, more investment in our communities from banks and governments, and better public schools. We achieve these goals by building community organizations that have the power to win changes through direct action, negotiation, legislation, and voter participation.

Shurgard Storage - Storing for Hope provides free storage for six months to eligible nonprofit organizations in all markets served by Shurgard. The goal of Storing for Hope are to enable nonprofit organizations to allocate more or other resources directly to their mission and programs and provide vehicle for Shurgard to contribute in local communities in ways beyond its normal business operations.

BoardnetUSA – Is a unique website dedicated to the express purpose of connecting nonprofit boards and new leaders.

Revitalife Project – In 2001, the Governor’s office asked the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) to lead effort to dispose of state-owned, tax-reverted properties. MSHDA turned to Juergensen & Associates to assist them with this new initiative, known as Revitalife. During the three (3) year project, J & A will assist with the disposition of several thousand properties in Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park. As manager of the project, J & A survey available properties, reach out to stakeholders, established mechanisms for review of applicants, and is involved in formulation of public policy for this unprecedented initiative. The project includes working with community-based organizations, potential side lot purchasers, small and large- scale developers, and city and state agencies.

Chase & Brooke’s Associates - With over 20 years of experience, CBA has helped a few thousands nonprofit organizations raise millions of dollars for programs, buildings, and endowment.

Samaritan Technologies – Specializes in highly customizable web-based and PC-based volunteer management, tracking, and recruiting software for large multi-site organizations such as corporations, large nonprofits, municipalities, and school districts. They realize that small organizations also need powerful volunteer management tools, but have extremely limited budget. Consequently, they offer their software for free to qualifying organizations for managing 100 or fewer volunteers. They also offer free limited-time 100 volunteer evaluation accounts for larger organizations.

City Connect Detroit – Nonprofit organizations, city department, community leaders, and other identify and secure federal and national funding opportunities.

Servenet – Senior Corps - Senior Corps is a network of programs that tap the experience, skills, and talents of older citizens to meet community challenges with Foster Grandparents, Senior Companions, and RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program).

Volunteermatch - Volunteermatch is a nonprofit organization with a mission to help everyone find a great place to volunteer, and offers a variety of online services to support a community of nonprofit, volunteer and business leaders committed to civic engagement. Interested volunteers can enter their zip code on the Volunteermatch home page to quickly find local volunteer opportunities posted by nonprofit organizations throughout the United States.

Network For Good- Network For Good is the internet’s leading charitable resource an e-philanthropy site where individuals can donate, volunteer and get involved with the issues they care about. The organization’s goal is to connect people to charities via the internet - suing the virtual world to deliver real resources to nonprofits and communities.

Community Tutors Detroit - Community Tutors Detroit is an organization designed to recruit and train tutors for assignment. The organization also offers pro bono services for low income families and individuals.

Energy Star - Energy Star is a government - backed program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.

Charity America - is an online “village” that unites donors, volunteers, and, businesses and qualified charities from across the nation. By combining the global reach of the internet with standards from membership, is quickly becoming the best catalyst for explosive web-driven growth in charitable giving and volunteerism.

Idealist - Action without Borders connects people, organizations, and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives. Action without Borders is independent of any government, political ideology, or religious creed. Their work is guided by the common desire of members and supporters to find practical solutions to social and environmental problems, in a spirit of generosity and mutual respect.

NAEIR - NAIER is a nonprofit organization that distributed merchandise to charitable organization and used the merchandise to serve and care of the ill, needy or infants (minors), and will not be bartered, traded or sold, in accordance with the requirements if IRC Section 170 (e) (3).

Feed The Children - Feed The Children is a national organization that distributes food to needy children all over the world.

Eminent Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation - Eminent Charitable and Humanitarian Foundationis committed to providing a vehicle whereby charitable messages would be communicated to the neediness in one hand and also to eradicate poverty and diseases in the other hand. To promote a secure life hood economically, socially, and educationally, and serve as a tangible mean to aid the neediness.

Sullivan’s Childcare and Outreach Ministry - Provides daycare services for low-income mothers in metropolitan Detroit and other cities.

K.I.D.S –Kids in Distressed Situations – K.I.D.S. will initiate and facilitate donations of new product that will benefit children who are ill, living in poverty, or are victims of natural disasters. They contact Partner Agencies when a donation becomes available and will also simultaneously coordinate the delivery time and date.

The Detroit Area Diaper Bank Inc. – The Detroit Area Diaper Bank, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit charitable organizations that exists to help partner agencies working with families in crisis meet their need for diapers. Diapers are provided at no charge to approved partner agencies. The quantity of diapers available for distribution is dependent upon donations to the Detroit Area Diaper Bank.

Souls 4 Shoes – S4S has offered to provide, and Donee has agreed to accept, new and gently Used donated products (the “Donated Products”), as available, to Donee in S4S’s sole discretion. In exchange for the Donated Products from S4S, Donee hereby understands, warrants, and represents, guarantees and covenants to abide by the following terms and conditions.

Lutheran Social Services of Michigan - Lutheran Social Services of Michigan creates communities of service that meet the needs of people, upholding human dignity, advocating equality and justice. Established in 1934 and affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Lutheran Social Services of Michigan spans the Lower Peninsula with more than 70 programs in 39 cities. Lutheran Social Services provides a wide variety of services for children and families, senior’s adults, refugees, and persons with disabilities. Lutheran Social Services of Michigan serves all persons, regardless of race, religion or national origin, as an expression of the love of Christ.

God’s Pantry Storehouse - God’s Pantry Storehouse is an organization designed to supply local food banks, churches, and community organizations with food supplies to distribute to economically disadvantaged families and individuals residing in distressed communities.

UNITY – Uniting Neighborhoods and Inspiring Today’s Youth is an organization designed to develop neighborhoods, with the goal of bringing cohesion and comradery back to the community, U.N.I.T.Y will play an instrumental part in assisting today’s youth in fulfilling their dreams with recognizing their talents and ambitions. U.N.I.T.Y will take on the initiative in keeping today’s youth on the right track in life. U.N.I.T.Y will inspire today’s youth with specialized programs and community service in their neighborhood. U.N.I.T.Y will transform parks and use community service projects to generate the unity neighborhoods need or desire. Your support is always needed. It will take us all to make Detroit a better place to live in and our youth better people to live with.

Henry Ford School Based and Community Health Program – Henry Ford School Based and Community Health Program provides health care assistance for low-income families.

My Stuff Bag Foundation – My Stuff Bags was launched in 1998 to address some of the immediate physical and emotional needs of children who must be rescued from abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Traumatized by the events leading to their rescue, these children often enter shelters and foster care with no belongings. Each individual My Stuff duffel bag is filled by volunteers with new donated items, giving children comfort and hope and letting them know that lots of people care about them.

Toy Industry Foundation - The Toy Industry Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring joy, comfort, and learning to children in need through toys and play. While other organizations provide food, shelter, and support services to children and their families, TIF sees to it that these children have toys and Opportunities to play in an attempt to restore both fun and a sense of normalcy to their lives. The Foundation currently fulfills its mission through core programs including The Toy Bank™, public education initiatives, and grants to organizations whose missions are in line with that of the Toy Industry Foundation.

Miracles for Moms & Babies - Maternal/Infant Health Program – Miracles for Moms & Babies provides childbirth education, parenting classes, housing assistance referrals, transportation referrals, nutritional education/nursing support, referrals for Prenatal Care, Nursing Services, free baby items/gift cards/baby showers, WIC referrals, Insurance Assistance and Certified through the State of Michigan.

Corrigan Neighborhood Association – Corrigan Neighborhood Association was organized August 07, 2010. Our boundaries are East Warren to Chandler Park Drive and Alter Road to Chalmers. The Corrigan Neighborhood Association is looking to expand boundaries for other interested residents as well as establishing a Business District. In the past year they have continued to strengthen our organization. They have cleaned vacant lots, around vacant properties and Corrigan Playfield. Their passion is to work with, organize and equip our children and youth in realizing the value of life while allowing them to create their own ideas into meaningful projects that will aide in building character and pride while making our neighborhood safe, beautiful and proud to live.

Emergency Food And Shelter Program - Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) purpose is to supplement and expand current available resources and not to substitute or reimburse ongoing programs and services or to start new programs.

Fashion Delivers Charitable Foundation Inc. - F a s h i o n Delivers Charitable Foundation, Inc. mobilizes the fashion community to reach out and affect the world through their donations. Their donations provide relief and dignity to women, men, families and survivors of natural disasters.

His Food Ministry - HIS food ministry is an evangelistic outreach designed to help the local churches and other organizations minister to their communities through meal plans.

Forgotten Harvest - The mission of Forgotten Harvest is to relieve hunger in the Detroit metropolitan community by rescuing surplus, prepared and perishable food and donating it to emergency food providers.

New Breed International Christian Center - To establish a new breed of believers that will equip our community, region and ultimately the entire globe by exposing our generation to present-day truth for the purpose of expanding the Kingdom of God in the electoral, educational, ecclesiastical, economical, and entertainment arenas.

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